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Automation of the onboarding process
Benefits of new employee automated onboarding. How to improve onboarding process
учащихся продолжат использовать платформу и будут платить ежемесячную абонплату
Automation of the onboarding process
In our previous article, we discussed why the onboarding process is so important and presented a new hire onboarding checklist for introducing new employees
Now that you know how to make a well-defined plan for the onboarding of newcomers to your company, let's figure out how to make this process even more effective while saving time and significantly reducing costs
Interviewed executives also believe that automation helps their businesses do better by saving time (71%), increase productivity (63%) and save money (59%)
Consequently, 85% indicate that incorporating automation and automation education into their organization will help them retain employees and attract new talents
86% of surveyed executives believe automation will allow their employees to focus more on creative work and spend less time on routine, repetitive and time-consuming tasks
Roughly 7 in 10 executives plan to increase their investment in automation tools in 2022
1. Knowledge base
As you already know, every stage of onboarding, training and staff development requires acquiring new information . So the first thing you need to do is to transfer all the data to an electronic repository. As a result, information wouldn’t be lost, would be easy to find, sort and update, and would always be at your fingertips. It is not only convenient, but also profitable. If you need to change or add a document, you can do it in one click and the data will be instantly updated for all users. Imagine how much time you will save by transferring information to the cloud. Just use the platform that suits you
With access management, you can easily ensure that information is only available to the intended recipients. In addition, cloud systems usually have a high level of security and protect your data from fraud and cyber-attacks
2. Course Builder
Now let's discuss how you can automate the process of training your employees. At this point, the course builder is a real salvation for you. It is a basic feature of all modern training platforms. There you can easily create content for your students. It's worth noting that effective training ultimately depends on how clearly the information is presented. The combination of written text, spoken words, images, and video is far more effective than either of these methods alone. At this point, you can create the perfect learning content by combining multiple formats of presentation in one place. And you can also add practice assignments, midterm tests, and assessments. This helps you monitor how effectively your training is going. And if necessary, you can make quick adjustments

Besides, it is impossible not to mention the enormous budget savings for the company. Just imagine how many resources are spent in offline training: the allocation of a special room for training sessions, the work of the trainer or leading specialist, covering travel expenses (if the company has several branches in different cities), consumables and time for the preparation of events. The instructor has to deliver lectures and write on the board to convey key concepts to students. And do it all over again each time with each new group. Basically just killing time on the same task over and over again

How about preparing quality content with top experts and once uploaded to the system put it on stream. No more wasting resources to train a new group every time. All you have to do now is monitor the effectiveness of your program, update and improve your courses, and gather feedback from your students
Traditional retention
85% of students say the online learning experience was better or at least equal in satisfaction compared to traditional face-to-face classe
In comparison to traditional learning, corporate distance learning takes 40-60% less time
E-learning increases retention rates by 25-60% over traditional retention rates of 8 to 10%
3. Gamification
Gamification is another advantage of using a learning automation platform. This is a unique tool which can help you to turn boring absorption of information and acquiring new skills into an exciting game. Thus you can increase the involvement of your students and get the maximal results from your educational program
Let's consider the most common gamification tools that are used in training:
Gamification is another advantage of using a learning automation platform. This is a unique tool which can help you to turn boring absorption of information and acquiring new skills into an exciting game. Thus you can increase the involvement of your students and get the maximal results from your educational program
Many gamification tools are available, this is just a basic set. And their variety depends on your imagination and platform functionality. We'll cover this topic in more detail in another article
Point System. For each successfully completed assignment, course completion, testing, etc., the student is awarded points
Rating. From the points listed above, a rating is formed. Hence the sports interest among the learners activates
Competitions. Along with the race for leadership, the rating can include other competitions: for example, who is the first to finish a new course, or pass a test without mistakes. Or who will help a colleague
Badges. You need to reward students for their efforts and successful completion of courses. Think of virtual awards that will be given to employees when they reach certain levels
of 45+ employees say gaming activities improve the quality of their work
of employees feel more productive when gamification is used
of employees would feel more engaged at work if gamification is used
of employees enjoy gaming elements in their tasks
Gamification can increase employee satisfaction by 89%
Far from everyone can keep all the planned events in their head, so people use diaries and electronic meeting planners. The platform allows you to enter all upcoming events, and the system would automatically send reminders to all participants of the meeting. In addition, all employees can always check their schedules. Notifications can also be used, for example, to inform staff about company news, updates of certain documents and the need to sign them, as well as about suitable deadlines on work tasks or the approaching deadline for the completion of a training course
4. Meeting calendars and notifications
We have already briefly discussed the importance of interim testing, to determine the effectiveness of a training program. However, we should not forget that testing is also a powerful tool for the initial assessment of the level of mastery of a particular skill possessed by an employee. Many platforms have in their functionality the ability to generate personal certificates. In this way, upon course completion, your employees can receive documented proof of successful mastery of the skill. And this is another bonus that increases learner engagement. Based on the same principle as testing, we can set up certification of employees
5. Testing, Assessments, and Certification
One can hardly overemphasize the importance of personalization in learning. This is because each learner absorbs information at his or her own personal pace, has his or her own unique talents, and needs certain skills depending on his or her position. You should also keep in mind the employee's personal preferences and consider career advancement opportunities. Based on the test results, you can understand what skills you need to work on and what courses that particular employee needs. Using the platform you can fully automate this process, and the AI makes it even more efficient
6. The Personal Development Pathway
of employees are willing to stay with the company if it invests in their careers
of employees are willing to spend more time on development if they are advised on specific courses designed to help them achieve their professional goals
of employees want personalized, relevant training
7. Corporate social network
One more advantage of universal platforms is the capability to create internal social networks, where colleagues could learn more about one another, to communicate on formal and even informal topics, to find out the news, etc. This improves the atmosphere within the team, and if employees work remotely, it allows them to feel part of a cohesive team
8. Virtual mentor
There are many platforms that have already introduced virtual assistants. An employee can always get the necessary information or send a request. The mentor also guides the learners during their training and encourages them by praising their progress. In addition, it acts as a multimedia notifier. This increases employee motivation and engagement and makes learning more interesting
of companies that assign a mentor during the onboarding process report that it increases the effectiveness of their new employees
Apart from the interim testing, the effectiveness of the training program should also be evaluated based on the feedback from the students. It would be great to give employees the opportunity not only to write a letter of feedback on the training in general, but also to build this into a system that will automatically offer to evaluate a particular lesson and, optionally, leave a comment. By doing so, you will be able to identify not only your overall impression of the training program, but also of each individual lesson. In order to motivate students to actively give feedback, you can assign rewards in the form of points
9. Feedback
10. Reporting
By automating onboarding and staff development, you can easily monitor your training process with comprehensive reporting to successfully fulfill onboarding plan. Within seconds, you can upload progress data for a particular employee, course, department, date, and so on
11. Conclusion
Now we have considered the main advantages that automation of onboarding and development of your employees can bring. In addition to all this, we should note that with universal platforms, training becomes mobile and available to employees at any time and any place. If they need it, they can always retake the course or find the information they need. Our innovative platform has the full functionality to create your ideal onboarding and workforce development program. It also has a simple, intuitive interface. Learn more about the automation capabilities of the platform
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