Use gamification to solve business problems
Take non-material motivation to a new level, inspiring employees to be their absolute best
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We identify existing problems and provide robust solutions
Staff feels they are not involved in the corporate culture
Staff feels that sales targets are not well-thought-out or unrealistic
Staff cites high turnover as a reason for dissatisfaction
The sooner we implement a response, the sooner your company recovers from unnecessary time and expense
With those statistics in mind, just imagine the sheer volume of money and time spent on finding and recruiting new staff
Gamification motivates employees to perform their tasks with maximum efficiency
Summarize and Reward Success and Achievement
Follow the rules of the game–be accurate and objective with point totals, and award the winners accordingly
Add game elements to the employee’s daily business tasks
Involve employees to take part in business games by example, demonstrate the success of other participants and publicly reward their success
Control the results
Keep focus on completing business game tasks, show ratings, control deadlines
Motivate staff to play
Use different methods of gamification–Points, Ratings, Perks, and other incentives motivate your staff to follow the proper procedures and regulations while working
Define the business challenge
Determine what business problem needs to be solved and the metrics that will be measured
SmartExpert helps companies increase productivity and efficiency by engaging employees in the process of achieving business results
We help companies increase productivity
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Staff engagement is needed in many different fields
Gamification is the use of game mechanics and elements in a non-game context. Simply put, this is the transformation of routine processes into a game, which increases the involvement and interest of all participants
In production, the team is large and often there is no way to replace the routine, we connect the game package: the goals from the manager turn into challenges, KPIs turn into points and achievements. For the employee, gamification provides a change of focus and adds motivation in the form of challenges, rewards, and recognition
In the gamification of training medical workers, games are used to make routine activities more interesting and exciting. For example, mini-games and repeatable tests are often used to get employees to memorize (by repetition) a new line of medications or steps of a medical procedure
Gamification of employees can increase productivity, unite employees of different departments and warehouses in different regions, and contribute to faster, more effective staff training
Banking sector
The excitement of competition makes it possible to increase the effectiveness of…operator, and the floor manager. In addition, this can serve to identify and motivate unproductive employees
Gamification in the hospitality industry is a way to increase employee engagement, raise the level of customer focus during the high season, and encourage employees to communicate and share experiences
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SmileFOOD Personnel Training Manager (Uk)
Julia Sergeeva
Head of Training and Personnel Development DeliveryGroup (Uk)
Maria Omelich
Centravis Personnel Training and Development Manager (Uk)
Oleksandra Lizogubova
Co-founder and CEO of USUPSO (Uk)
Marianna Samsonova
Reviews about us
Maria Omelich
Julia Sergeeva
Head of Training and Personnel Development DeliveryGroup (Uk)
SmileFOOD Personnel Training Manager (Uk)
Centravis Personnel Training and Development Manager (Uk)
Oleksandra Lizogubova
Co-founder and CEO of USUPSO (Uk)
Marianna Samsonova
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