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Engage in development -
increase retention
When the development path is chosen and employees feel the opportunity to grow in the company - involve them even more with gamification. Inspire employees to be their absolute best
Gamification helps to increase
the level of employee involvement
The sooner we implement a response, the sooner your company recovers from unnecessary time and expense
With those statistics in mind, just imagine the sheer volume of money and time spent on finding and recruiting new staff
30% or sometimes more of the training budgets are wasted
of employees noted that they find it difficult to stick to their study schedule without reminders
of employees do not complete
training due to lack of motivation
How SmartExpert platform engages with gamification
Gift shop
Virtual Assistant
Create your own currency in the form of points and reward employees for their achievements. For example, assign points for completing a lesson or passing a test
Create your currency
Create your gift store and determine how many points each prize is worth. It could be tickets to an exhibition, a year's subscription to Netflix, or even a trip. Set up a real competition!
Exchange currency for prizes
Give employees virtual awards and badges for their achievements. Create awards with any name and picture. Use your corporate culture to make them special
Reward your employees
The platform will automatically compile a rating of points earned by each employee, which will be available to everyone. Friendly competitive spirit helps to engage employees
Watch the rating
Create quests on any theme to make learning fun and varied. Fill them with tasks and questions and assign staff members to complete them. The platform will automatically send them a notification
Create quests
Create games to train employees in an easy format or just to entertain them a little. Make sure they take a short break during training to play a game, this will help them learn more effectively
Create games
Issue certificates at the end of the course. You can add your own design and award employees
Give certificates
Virtual assistant will help employees along the way: to remind what lesson to take, what topic to pay attention to, when to pass the assessment. Surround your employees with care, reducing your time commitment
Use a Vitrual Assistant
Our clients' results speak for themselves
employee satisfaction index with the platform
was an increase in the completion rate
employees said that learning has become easier and more exciting
We believe in a world where companies grow because the success of the employees is their core value.
We help companies
increase employee retention
Gamification motivates employees to perform their tasks with maximum efficiency
Summarize and Reward Success and Achievement
Follow the rules of the game–be accurate and objective with point totals, and award the winners accordingly
Add game elements to the employee’s daily business tasks
Involve employees to take part in business games by example, demonstrate the success of other participants and publicly reward their success
Control the results
Keep focus on completing business game tasks, show ratings, control deadlines
Motivate staff to play
Use different methods of gamification–Points, Ratings, Perks, and other incentives motivate your staff to follow the proper procedures and regulations while working
Define the business challenge
Determine what business problem needs to be solved and the metrics that will be measured
Different areas need to increase employee engagement
Gamification is the use of game mechanics and elements in a non-game context. Simply put, this is the transformation of routine processes into a game, which increases the involvement and interest of all participants
In production, the team is large and often there is no way to replace the routine, we connect the game package: the goals from the manager turn into challenges, KPIs turn into points and achievements. For the employee, gamification provides a change of focus and adds motivation in the form of challenges, rewards, and recognition
In the gamification of training medical workers, games are used to make routine activities more interesting and exciting. For example, mini-games and repeatable tests are often used to get employees to memorize (by repetition) a new line of medications or steps of a medical procedure
Gamification of employees can increase productivity, unite employees of different departments and warehouses in different regions, and contribute to faster, more effective staff training
Banking sector
The excitement of competition makes it possible to increase the effectiveness of…operator, and the floor manager. In addition, this can serve to identify and motivate unproductive employees
Gamification in the hospitality industry is a way to increase employee engagement, raise the level of customer focus during the high season, and encourage employees to communicate and share experiences
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