Systematize training and testing of personnel
Set uniform standards for the work of your company. Reduce the number of staff errors and save time on training
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We identify existing problems and provide robust solutions
Lack of Professional Development. If professional skills training is not provided, employees are more likely to leave the country
Increased Productivity. 90% of work errors are the direct cause of a lack of systematic training program
Employee engagement. When employees are not involved in the business process, low KPIs are the result
The sooner we implement a response, the sooner your company recovers from unnecessary time and expense
With those statistics in mind, just imagine the sheer volume of money and time spent on finding and recruiting new staff
Create an automated system for onboarding new employees
Digitize the information
Digital information will allow you to flexibly convey needed knowledge to employees. Documents, Videos, Presentations – All of these and more can be shared securely and conveniently
Monitor training results
Testing and practice will allow you to check your employee’s readiness level, so you’ll know who is ready to take on tasks that require new knowledge and who isn’t. Those who are not yet ready will receive remedial instruction
Increased motivation
Different methods of gamification can instill a desire to learn–Points, Ratings, Perks, and other incentives motivate the new employee to adapt quickly while maintaining their focus
A clear, consistent training system with deadlines
Onboarding procedures with a clear trajectory and assessment checkpoints will ensure that new hires won’t move on to a new module without having completed the previous one. Deadlines with push notifications will keep both you and your new hire reminded of their progress
Perform Live Updates
New standards, policies, regulations can always be updated and you can monitor how employees have learned new information
SmartExpert helps companies increase productivity (without cloning) and work efficiency through systematizing the training process and testing the knowledge level of the staff
We help companies increase productivity
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Training and testing systems are needed throughout different fields
Cashiers, packers, merchandisers and couriers need to convey point of contact information. With the help of online training, employees are always aware of new innovations, and timely testing of knowledge allows you to adjust training and reduce the number of mistakes made by staff in the work process
If the team is large and some departments do not interact with each other, it is important to set uniform standards for everyone in the company. Thanks to a unified training system, every employee shares the same information. In turn, testing allows you to identify areas that need to grow so you can adjust the built-in training system
The work of medical personnel is complicated by special working conditions, one of which is the daily risk. To reduce the level of turnover, it is important to create a training system and a path of personal development for junior and nursing staff.
Training is a necessary process that allows you to set uniform standards for personnel (logistics…goods). To maintain compliance with labor standards and working conditions, testing will identify areas that require special attention, especially when working with new equipment or software
Banking sector
The training and testing system allows you to reduce the number of errors in the work of employees (cashiers, contact center operators, operators, on-site managers) and save time and costs for staff development.
The system of training and testing in the hospitality industry allows employees to become confident in their knowledge, improving qualifications and chances for career development
Our clients have reaped the benefits of working with us
Reduction in the number of personnel work errors
Increased KPI
Reduction in cost of offline and live training
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SmileFOOD Personnel Training Manager (Uk)
Julia Sergeeva
Head of Training and Personnel Development DeliveryGroup (Uk)
Maria Omelich
Centravis Personnel Training and Development Manager (Uk)
Oleksandra Lizogubova
Co-founder and CEO of USUPSO (Uk)
Marianna Samsonova
Reviews about us
Maria Omelich
Julia Sergeeva
Head of Training and Personnel Development DeliveryGroup (Uk)
SmileFOOD Personnel Training Manager (Uk)
Centravis Personnel Training and Development Manager (Uk)
Oleksandra Lizogubova
Co-founder and CEO of USUPSO (Uk)
Marianna Samsonova
What functionality do we have to create an online learning system
Plan and trajectory
Consecutive passage through lessons
Flexible passage through lessons
Learning progress
Operational notifications
Interactive content (constructor)
Testing and control
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