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Automate your employee onboarding
Provide employees with a positive experience and lay the foundation for future employee productivity and loyalty. Reduce the cost of onboarding while improving quality with automation
The effectiveness of onboarding directly affects employee retention
The sooner we implement a response, the sooner your company recovers from unnecessary time and expense
With those statistics in mind, just imagine the sheer volume of money and time spent on finding and recruiting new staff
of those that leave during the first 45 days do so because of low-quality onboarding and adaptation
of employees stay with the company for at least 3 years as a result of an effective onboarding program
of employee
turnover occurs within the first 45 days
How SmartExpert platform improves Onboarding
Create a single course within the platform, easily add all the necessary materials and quickly adapt it if needed. You no longer have to do the routine work and search for the right files
Create an onboarding plan once
Fill the onboarding program with any files you need: text, presentations, documents, tables, video, audio, links. Be sure your employees get all the information they need in a user-friendly interface and can refer back to it
Add content of any format
Easily control the process by setting the passing rules, create the most convenient structure for you onboarding program
Provide consistent training
Run automatic tests at the end of the program. Set up questions and track results without participating in the process. Particularly useful with a large number of new employees at a time
Check performance automatically
Set deadlines and the platform will remind employees when to take a new lesson or pass a test. Make sure your employees know what to do and don't feel left out
Set deadlines and terms
Introduce practice tasks if necessary and collect the results automatically. Check all tasks and give feedback to employees in one place
Add practical tasks
Involve employees in training by assigning points for passing. Give prizes, such as branded items from your company. Rank and give your employees a positive experience
Use gamification for engagement
Use ready-made templates
We have prepared templates for onboarding employees of different professions, so that it is as easy as possible for you to implement automated onboarding
Our clients' results speak for themselves
onboarding time reduction
reduction in cost of the trainings needed
cost of upskilling new worker reduction
We believe in a world where companies grow because the success of the employees is their core value.
We help companies
increase employee retention
Create a friendly onboarding experience with SmartExpert
Live Updates
New standards, policies, and regulations can always be updated, and SmartExpert allows you to observe how new and existing employees have adapted to the new information
Digitize the information
Digital information will allow you to flexibly convey needed knowledge to employees. Documents, Videos, Presentations – All of these and more can be shared securely and conveniently
Tracking Readiness
Testing and practice will allow you to check your new hire’s readiness level, so you’ll know who is ready to work and who isn’t. Those who are not yet ready will receive remedial instruction
Employee engagement
Different methods of gamification can instill a desire to learn–Points, Ratings, Perks, and other incentives motivate the new employee to adapt quickly while maintaining their focus
Create a consistent onboarding process with deadlines
Onboarding procedures with a clear trajectory and assessment checkpoints will ensure that new hires won’t move on to a new module without having completed the previous one. Deadlines with push notifications will keep both you and your new hire reminded of their progress
Different areas need to adapt
Cashiers, packers, merchandisers and couriers are people who need to convey typical information and quickly bring it to the job
The purpose, strategy, and values of the company are communicated to the employees. If the team is large and some departments have little interaction with each other, it is important to get everyone on the same page as a project moves forward
The work of medical personnel in a new place is complicated by special working conditions, one of which is the daily risk. To reduce the level of turnover, it is important to create an adaptation system for junior and secondary medical personnel, which will include the induction process, familiarization with the corporate culture and the values of the entire team
Adaptation is a necessary process of involving employees (logistics engineers, storekeepers, operators, on-site managers) to the highest level of professional activity, as well as, studying labor standards and working conditions. This includes becoming familiar with new equipment and software, adapting to new working conditions, and changes in both schedules and loads employee into your business processes
Banking sector
Adaptation of new personnel is a period of acquaintance, adaptation of employees (cashiers, contact center operators, managers in the hall) to the regime and conditions of professional activity, as well as to the corporate environment of your bank. In other words, adaptation means the "introduction" of a new employee into business processes
People in the hospitality industry are a company's most important asset. At the same time, there is a high level of turnover in this field. The program helps increase the motivation level of new employees, helps them find themselves as part of their new environment, get used to their duties and build healthy working relationships with colleagues
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