Create an electronic knowledge base
Set uniform standards for your company, reduce the number of staff errors and save time on training
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We identify existing problems and provide robust solutions
Knowledge retention. Experienced employees leave and take priceless, undigitized knowledge with them
Increased productivity. Employees had been following outdated regulations or spending too much time finding the correct resource
Employee engagement. Employees were not involved in business processes, which led to low KPIs
The sooner we implement a response, the sooner your company recovers from unnecessary time and expense
With those statistics in mind, just imagine the sheer volume of money and time spent on finding and recruiting new staff
Create an automated system for onboarding new employees
Digitize the information
Digital information will allow you to flexibly convey it to your staff. Text, video, presentations – all of these can be digitized, and that knowledge accumulates over the years
Create a company — wide knowledge bank
Place your company’s standards, instructions, and regulations in a specified database. Staff will be able to quickly find the documents they need. Key information and instructions are always available
Motivate staff to use the database
Testing and practice will allow you to check your employee’s readiness level, so you’ll know who is ready to take on tasks that require new knowledge and who isn’t. Those who are not yet ready will receive remedial instruction
Monitor learning outcomes
Testing and practice will allow you to check the level of assimilation of knowledge after studying the necessary materials. Those who have not successfully learned the information or have not acquired the necessary skill are sent to re-study the materials
Perform Live Updates
Keep the materials up to date. Add new standards, policies, regulations, and the system will promptly notify your staff that a new regulation has appeared or instructions have changed
SmartExpert helps companies increase productivity (without cloning) and work efficiency by creating an online library
We help companies increase productivity
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An electronic knowledge database is needed in different fields
Cashiers, packers, merchandisers and couriers need to convey point of contact information. The knowledge base stores the standards, instructions and regulations of your company - knowledge accumulated over the years
The purpose, strategy, and values of the company are communicated to the employees. If the team is large and some departments have little interaction with each other, it is important to get everyone on the same page as a project moves forward. The knowledge base keeps everyone up-to-date with the most recent documents and developments
The work of medical personnel is complicated by special working conditions, one of which is the daily risk. An electronic knowledge base is a repository of information where each employee can quickly find the document they need. Important instructions are always readily available
All employees (logistics engineers, storekeepers, multimodal cargo transportation operators, etc.) use the same instructions and documents, eliminating confusion and helping teams stay in sync with each other
Banking sector
Answers to FAQs about the bank's services and products are available in the electronic knowledge base. Your employees (cashiers, contact center operators, floor managers) will become less likely to distract management from their work, and will also reduce the number of staff errors
People in the hospitality industry are the most important asset of the company, which is why it is important that every employee works to the same standards.
An up-to-date knowledge base helps you organize information for your team, so you can maintain the highest level of service for your customers
Companies that work with us achieve such indicators
fewer work errors
time savings on learning new instructions and regulations
reduction in cost of offline and live training
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SmileFOOD Personnel Training Manager (Uk)
Julia Sergeeva
Head of Training and Personnel Development DeliveryGroup (Uk)
Maria Omelich
Centravis Personnel Training and Development Manager (Uk)
Oleksandra Lizogubova
Co-founder and CEO of USUPSO (Uk)
Marianna Samsonova
Reviews about us
Maria Omelich
Julia Sergeeva
Head of Training and Personnel Development DeliveryGroup (Uk)
SmileFOOD Personnel Training Manager (Uk)
Centravis Personnel Training and Development Manager (Uk)
Oleksandra Lizogubova
Co-founder and CEO of USUPSO (Uk)
Marianna Samsonova
What functionality do we have to create a convenient knowledge base
Operational notifications
File storage
Access to different departments
Comfortable structure display
Search by name
Statuses of studying and passing
Study reporting
Testing for the level of integration
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