Automate the performance review
Use our ready-made templates and libraries of competencies for your performance reviews, reducing time on staff appraisals and aiding you in creating personal development plans for each position
Our SmartExpert clients
Currently we identify existing problems and provide robust solutions
Employees are unsatisfied with the evaluation process and the further plan for "development in general"
Time spent by HR department on staff evaluations
Employee loss due to the stress of the assessment process
The sooner we implement a response, the sooner your company recovers from unnecessary time and expense
With those statistics in mind, just imagine the sheer volume of money and time spent on finding and recruiting new staff
Automate the personnel performance review process
Use ready-made tools to implement the assessment process
To create surveys and certifications, use ready-made libraries of job profiles and competency assessments developed on the basis of the Lominger model
Reward employees for achievement and success
Reward employees by issuing reward badges with points that affect their overall rating
Automate the process of creating an individual employee development path
Automate the creation of an individual employee development path. Provide the employee with access to the necessary courses, in accordance with the results of the performance review
Get interactive reports on the results of performance review
Receive interactive reports on performance review results. The manager is updated on the success of their employees within one minute
Conduct staff appraisals on an ongoing basis
Use the calendar of events for quarterly, semi-annual or annual performance appraisals
SmartExpert helps companies reduce the cost of personnel assessment and development, as well as increasing work efficiency by automating the performance review process and building a personal development path for each employee is needed in different fields
We help companies reduce their costs
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Automation of the personnel assessment process is needed in different directions
Staff income level (cashiers, packers, merchandisers and couriers) depends directly on their competency level. This is why it’s important to evaluate personnel in a timely, objective manner, build an individual development path for each employee and encourage staff to strive for success
The larger the team, the more important it is to automate your performance reviews and free up the HR department’s resources. Systematization will allow you to identify growth areas and track the development of each employee
Performance review automation allows you to identify any weaknesses of your medical staff and build a system of professional training to lower the rate of potential errors
An adequate evaluation system is a powerful motivational factor, which makes it possible to clearly identify what exactly is required of each employee in the upcoming evaluation period, as well as any potential incentives for completing the assigned tasks
Banking sector
During the performance review, a selection takes place in the company's personnel reserve. According to the results of the performance review, an employee (cashiers, contact center operators, floor managers) has the opportunity to move to another position within the company.
In order to develop the skills the employee to develop those competencies that the employee needs to focus on in order to work more effectively. This can only be ensured by an effective evaluation system
Companies that work with us achieve such indicators
fewer work errors
reduction in staff turnover rate
time savings on performance reviews
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SmileFOOD Personnel Training Manager (Uk)
Julia Sergeeva
Head of Training and Personnel Development DeliveryGroup (Uk)
Maria Omelich
Centravis Personnel Training and Development Manager (Uk)
Oleksandra Lizogubova
Co-founder and CEO of USUPSO (Uk)
Marianna Samsonova
Reviews about us
Maria Omelich
Julia Sergeeva
Head of Training and Personnel Development DeliveryGroup (Uk)
SmileFOOD Personnel Training Manager (Uk)
Centravis Personnel Training and Development Manager (Uk)
Oleksandra Lizogubova
Co-founder and CEO of USUPSO (Uk)
Marianna Samsonova
The resources do we offer to help you automate your personnel assessments
Employee profile
Competence constructor
Position profile
Employee characteristics
Strengths / Weaknesses of the employee
Employee motivation assessment
9 box grid
Employee's personal development path
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