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2. Provide Feedback
Employee turnover is 14.9% lower among employees who receive feedback on their strengths. Employees who receive regular feedback are 12.5% ​​more productive than those who don't. Companies that regularly provide feedback are also 8.9% more profitable than those that don't.
1. Encourage social connections
88% of employees rate their relationships with colleagues as important to their job satisfaction.
4. Have a clear vision
According to surveys, only 42% of employees know the vision, mission and cultural values ​​of their organization.
3. Lead by example
Employees who work with engaged leaders are 55% more engaged and 53% more focused.
6. Celebrate Achievements
94% of employees say they enjoy being recognized for achievements at work, and 89% of employees said they feel more proud of their work after being recognized for it.
5. Treat everyone with respect
Respectful treatment is rated by 67% of employees as the most important factor in job satisfaction – higher than compensation, benefits or the job itself. 49% of employees say that the respect of their line manager has the biggest impact on their satisfaction with the work environment.
8. Ask for feedback
26% of employees withhold information about problems or ideas for improving the workplace due to feeling powerless and undervalued.
7. Offer Growth Opportunities
70% of employees feel valued at work when they are given opportunities to develop and grow.
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