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Companies with engaged employees perform better than those that don't. Gallup compared highly engaged business units with those that aren’t, and came to the following conclusions.
Engaged Employees:


Increase productivity by 17%


Increase customer rating by 10%


40% of externally hired managers fail within their first 18 months


Increase sales by 20%


Increase profitability by 21%


Reduce absenteeism by 41%

Great Place to Work, a company that helps businesses become better workplaces, has unveiled the top companies of 2019 in terms of engagement.
Below are the top 3:
2. Salesforce: According to company employees, the company backs up its words with actions.
3. Wegmans Food Markets Inc.: Its employees praise it as a company where “employees can follow the American Dream” through numerous developmental and training opportunities.the first opportunities to share their talents with the organization
1. Hilton: Employees believe that the company invests in them and encourages an entrepreneurial spirit

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