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As a result:


4% of employees leave on the first day


50% of new hires leave within four months


40% of externally hired managers fail within their first 18 months

From the employee's point of view, onboarding involves a series of first steps:
In the process of adaptation, many tasks are solved:
first meeting with the manager and colleagues

first working projects and tasks

the first opportunities to share their talents with the organization
first day at work
From an employer's point of view, onboarding is the best time to fulfill the EVP and other promises made during the job search and candidacy stages.

Companies need to make sure new hires feel welcome and immediately appreciated by assisting them in rapidly developing a sense of purpose and ownership.

We have already helped our clients reduce the time for hiring and onboarding of new employees by 50%.

As a SmartExpert pilot company, you’ll receive automated onboarding and employee development for free.
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