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How to help a new employee adapt to the company?
Everyone joins the new team in different ways. Someone in three days is already the soul of the company, an informal leader and everyone's favorite. But this is rare. Usually, for a beginner, the first time in a new place is a lot of stress. The person does not know anyone, has not yet delved into the work.
Let's figure out how to help a new employee adapt to the team, understand the specifics of work and become part of the team.
According to statistics, 90% of employees who quit in the first month leave the workplace because the company could not provide a full-fledged adaptation process. Therefore, it is extremely important to approach this issue seriously!
Beginners need an understanding of their daily role, including the results expected by management. He must understand the culture of the organization, the leadership structure in it and the relationships that need to be followed within the team.
Adaptation is a process that ensures that a new employee receives the information, knowledge, tools and resources necessary for successful integration into the organization.
Adaptation helps to integrate new employees into your organization
Here are a few key elements that beginners get at the implementation stage:
Company history and development strategy
Sharing the company's vision and mission
Corporate ethics and policy
Information about the company's products and services
Getting to know a new role
The adaptation process consists of several parts, each of which lays the foundation for the further development of the employee:
Access to the necessary documentation and means of obtaining all necessary information
Reward system, interesting tasks and foreseeable career prospects
Providing a mentor or curator with whom you can discuss all the issues that have arisen
Getting to know the team and getting involved in the work
The most serious mistakes in the adaptation of employees
Not giving enough time to adapt
Don't set clear expectations
Lack of a full-fledged recruitment process
Don't take feedback
The hiring process is too long
Do nothing before the employee gets to work
To make life easier for a new employee, Companies use modern platforms for staff training and development.
The implementation of which allows:
How to help a newcomer?
учащихся продолжат использовать платформу и будут платить ежемесячную абонплату
Provides constant access to an assistant with whom you can discuss all your questions
Saves up to 90% of HR specialist's time
Increase the speed of adaptation of new employees by 150%
The role of a virtual assistant in the process of personnel adaptation
This saves a lot of time and allows you to feel more free and confident.
All the necessary information is always at hand. In addition, he will not only answer questions, but also remind you about your meetings, events and upcoming courses.
A virtual assistant is an assistant and mentor who will help you solve many tasks easily and quickly, without involving other employees in the process.
The benefits of a virtual assistant for a newcomer
The benefits of a virtual assistant for a manager
Provides feedback collection
Provides motivation and support
Tracks employee moods
Remind you about upcoming events
Inform about the plans and stages of adaptation
Answer organizational questions
Send a personal greeting to a new employee
Provide a report on the progress of adaptation
Tracks the mood dynamics of new employees
Give feedback from newcomers
Remind you about personal meetings
Inform about the exit of new employees
Virtual assistants can reduce operating costs by 78%
Chatbots are predicted to save businesses $8billion by 2022
Juniper’s report also shows that voice commerce will grow substantially; reaching over $80 billion per annum by 2023
The Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVA) market was estimated at $2.58 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach $6.27 billion by 2026 with an average annual growth rate of 36.45% during the forecast period 2021-2026.
Trends in the US market
Retail stores such as Domino's use artificial intelligence and machine learning with virtual assistants, such as chatbots, in which the user can place an order directly via messenger.
The Alma of Healthcare of the company Next, IT is a virtual assistant that deals with the treatment of chronic diseases and actively responds to the requests and requests of patients. Currently, this is accepted on a massive scale by healthcare providers.
In June 2020, cloud contact center provider Five9 launched the virtual assistant Five9 in partnership with Inference Solutions. The system uses interactive artificial intelligence to automate manual tasks and answers to common questions in the contact center.
In companies with a well-thought-out adaptation process, new employees retain 50% more employees
In companies with a well-thought-out adaptation process, the probability of retaining employees is 50% more
93% of employers believe that a good experience of adapting employees is crucial for their decision on whether to stay in the company
21% of managers said that adapting new employees will be one of the three main concerns when the pandemic ends
Considering remote hiring during COVID-19, 52% of managers say that the most difficult problem was the involvement of candidates
41% of employees claim that they do not feel connected with colleagues when working remotely
In the process of adaptation, many tasks are solved:
teach products, technologies and procedures
introduce colleagues and managers
ensure employee interaction with a personal assistant and mentor
set goals for the trial period
inform the employee about the specifics of working in the company
He will be constantly near your employee, will prompt, advise, remind. Create a training program, personal development and career growth, working ahead of the curve.
The most important success factor for the adaptation of new employees is a virtual personal assistant who will not forget anything and will never go on vacation.
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