10 competency management questions to ask yourself
  1. Is staff development part of your company's vision and goals, and are development goals shared with all employees?
2. Does your organization have clear performance indicators?
3. Is your company successfully screening staff and identifying needs for further training?
4. Do employees in the organization have access to training opportunities?
5. Do managers have the qualities needed to develop staff?
6. Do you know the types and levels of evidence required to demonstrate competence in all of the activities carried out in the organization?
7. Are there development plans for all employees, indicating their job profile and competencies?
8. Are staff development records tracked through assessment tools and surveys to provide real-time feedback to staff, suppliers and customers?
9. Do you plan to increase the efficiency of the organization by providing collaborative planning, workflow and project management tools?
10. Do you strive to involve all staff in the process and ensure transparency and communication throughout the organization?
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