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Helping companies engage, develop and retain talents 40% more efficiently with an automated approach and artificial intelligence to keep your business successful and your employees happy
Talent Management
We believe in a world where companies grow because the success of the employees is their core value. To get to this world faster, we assembled a team of experts and conducted strong RnD to develop technology to power our solution
By creating a personal development path for each employee, using gamification during training, and accompaniment by a virtual mentor
2. Increase employee engagement
By automating the routine part of onboarding and training employees, devote more time to strategic tasks
3. Reduce manual work
Through quality onboarding, engaging the employee in training and development within the company, creating a positive experience
1. Reduce Turnover Rate
Employees who feel that management cares about them not only as subordinates, but also as individuals are more productive, satisfied and fulfill themselves better. A happy employee equals a happy customer and more profit.
Anne Mulcahy, ex-CEO Xerox (25,000 employees)
SmartExpert is a platform that helps companies grow by maximizing their employes’ potential and provide best working experience with modular solutions:
Learning & Development
Develop each employee according to a personal plan easily. Create your own courses or add existing ones. Train entire departments at once
Automated onboarding
With a good first experience, lay the foundation for future employee productivity and loyalty
Knowledge base
Keep knowledge in one place and deliver information to all employees quickly and easily
Performance Management
Evaluate the results of training, competencies of employees to continue development in the right direction
Engagement & Retention
Engage employees in training with gamification and a Virtual Assistant. Encourage employees to develop and stay with the company
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Our clients' results speak for themselves
reduced the time for an employee to enter a position
reduced the cost of offline and live training
reduced the cost of hiring new people by retaining existing ones
SmartExpert provides all of these services, and more!
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