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What is SmartExpert?

What is SmartExpert?

You get access to a convenient constructor that will allow you to create a training course easily and quickly . Download study materials in just a few clicks and invite students!

Students get access to a cabinet thought out to the smallest detail. Quick access to courses, additional materials, a social network and communication with the curator. And all this – on any device!

Monitor the quality of training for participants, track their progress, ranking and activity, and approve / reject homework. All this is convenient, easy and simple!

Add participants of the course or your community to a closed social network. They will be able to support each other, communicate, provide professional assistance, find partners. Social network is a great tool for online networking.

Incentives, prizes, rewards, group training, gamification, certificates – all this increases the involvement and quality of education of participants.

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Choose the right
solution for you

We offer ready-made platform configurations:

Sales Manager Training Solution

Mobility, flexibility, integration and an amazingly easy-to-use interface make it the perfect solution for employee training. Now, wherever the salesperson is located, learning can be fast, effective and fun.

Employee development and retention solution

Ensure continuous development of your employees, train them and help them reach their potential.

Solution for hiring new employees

Integrate new employees into your company as efficiently as possible and increase their productivity.

Employee testing solution

With SmartExpert, you can easily create questions and answer options, set up scoring and assess student progress Online.
Conduct appraisals, consolidate knowledge and improve the skills of employees.

Employee training solution

Implement a training system that does not overload the manager, minimizes the costs of employee education, identifies talents and helps to structure the work of the company more efficiently.

Companies that have built effective training based on SmartExpert

IT, ecommerce

For VAIMO, our specialists have developed a program for the adaptation of new employees, and set up the entire training process.

Within a month, the employees were connected to work on new projects!

Employee adaptation speed increased by 150%

Новая Почта
Courier service

The team led by V.P. Savchuk introduced a personnel growth system for top and middle managers. Video lectures and blocks of theoretical and practical tasks were prepared to test knowledge.

Improving the qualifications of managers for making management decisions based on setting goals and key results.

Home Credit Bank

Home Credit Bank needed to quickly change the management training system – to digitize a year of offline trainings into a convenient format of online marathons. The bank’s team of methodologists did this on the basis of the platform, saturating the program with online tests, practical exercises, videos and webinars. 

We created a 42-day marathon, which we launched simultaneously for two countries and are now preparing for a new start!

IT, virtual reality

After implementation, MultVR received a system for onboarding new employees and upgrading the qualifications of existing managers. In addition to the platform, a certain expertise in the EdTech niche was transferred.

All employees in the company were tested and a decision was made to develop full-fledged courses

Bring your training online in 3 easy steps:

1. Create an account on the SmartExpert platform

Registration on the platform will only take a few seconds.

Then you will be able to:

– Create your course and upload study materials
– Invite students and give them access to courses
– Receive reports and monitor learning outcomes

2. Download training materials

Presentations, training videos, text and audio materials, practical homework – you can easily upload all of this to the platform in a few clicks.

Additionally, you get the opportunity to:

– Set up a gamification system for your course
– Create certificates for students.
– Create a Landing Page of an educational course

3. Follow the results of the participants

In your account, you can track:

– The quality of teaching and the activity of your students
– Feedback about your course / lessons
– Study homework and send answers to students

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