About Us

SmartExpert is a spinoff from DailyFintech. Daily Fintech Experts provide leaders in the global Fintech market with  insightful original content and personalized advice. You can learn more about the sort of personalized advice that we provide here.

Our mission is to build a scalable smart contract based platform that will change how companies engage with talent. We live in a global free agent knowledge economy where most of the talent you need is not on your payroll or your competitor’s payroll – they are free agents. SmartExpert is how you will engage with that free agent talent in future. 

A smart contract is a digital contract with an integrated payment system.

Centralized platforms that connect providers and customers (misleadingly called sharing economy services) require both parties to trust each other and the platform. Smart contracts require less trust. Multiple people can be paid immediately with a transparent immutable audit trail.

If the Expert is paid via a smart contract, they:

A. Get paid immediately (as soon as the customer pays).

B. Can verify all payments as easily as the platform operator.

If a Customer pays via a smart contract, they can be fully confident that, whatever payment conditions are contracted, payment conditions are enforced in the smart contract.

Neither party has to trust the other. Nor do they have to trust the platform operator. All they have to do is trust the smart contract code.

On Daily Fintech we write a lot about cryptocurrencies and payment innovation. SmartExpert is our market laboratory in the real world. We work with companies that have practical and innovative solutions in this space and will write about that experience on Daily Fintech as case studies. 

Daily Fintech Advisers is known for combining big picture vision with pragmatic execution. This market laboratory is one way we learn about what is pragmatic.

The combination of big picture vision with pragmatic execution is critical at this stage in the development of cryptocurrencies, where most of the use cases that we will take for granted in the future that will fundamentally change our world have not yet been invented.  

Our big picture vision is that SmartExpert will be a new way of engaging with global free agent knowledge workers to deliver innovation.  Our pragmatic execution works when you can engage with that talent and pay using cryptocurrencies. We are working with partners to make that happen and will announce when we have that on Daily Fintech (just sign up to receive our Daily Fintech posts by email and you will be notified).

If you want to reach out, please use the Contact page.